Coral Project

Coral Project

The Maldives are a unique and extremely charming place, in particular because of one of the protagonists of its ocean, the coral.


It is mainly thanks to this fundamental component of the oceans if guests of our resort can enjoy the incredible beauty of the reef.

Its vital importance to the reef's life is the reason why Diamonds Athuruga and Diamonds Thudufushi decided to promote the "Coral Conservation Project".

The project's main objective is to preserve the coral reefs and to create and encourage a responsible kind of tourism.

Working with EcoIslanders, local environmental consulting agency, marine biologists resident on the Islands, who since long have been involved into explaining and describing the uniqueness of the reef to our guests on every ride, took part in a special training aimed at the conservation and regeneration of the reef.

Thanks to this project, which has begun in may 2015, each guest has the opportunity to adopt a frame (iron structure covered with sand) which, in addition to the coral, will also have a label with its name on it.


Back home, the guest will receive via e-mail photographs and information about the frame that they have sponsored every 3 months.

The purchase of the frame is 150 USD and will give a real help to the nature of the place, in a unique way.

An important project whose objective is to make the Maldives even more attractive and to help the future of coral reefs.

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