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The gentle giant

On the south area of Ari Atoll the conditions are perfect to attract one of the giant of the ocean: the whale shark. The area is specifically located in a 100km aerial way from west to east on the outer reef of Ari Atoll. Here, the whale sharks find their comfortable condition just below the surface.

‘The BIG FISH Network’ is an online citizen-science platform developed by the founders of Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) to establish a regional monitoring network of wildlife tour guides to increase awareness and stewardship of whale sharks in the Maldives.

The MWSRP is a registered charity that carries out whale shark research and fosters community focused conservation initiatives in the Maldives.

Our Marine Biologists are involved in the collection of data for the MWSRP through ‘The BIG FISH Network’. Ask them to be involved, bring your underwater camera! During your stay in Athuruga or Thudufushi you will have the opportunity to try to look for this gentle giant. The experience is simply amazing. Our biologists will inform you about the biology of the whale shark  and you will learn a lot about these interesting animals.

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