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Maakeyn buffet restaurant

The Maakeyn Restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner offers a buffet with choices to satisfy every palate.

Located next to the beach and overlooking the turquoise ocean, main buffet restaurant is offering a sumptuous buffet with an incredible variety of authentic Italian delicacies, fresh grilled fish, and savory Asian dishes.

Cate from an open kitchen and wood fire barbecue grill, integrated into the buffet counters, are customized and served at the best time to enjoy. The dinner buffet is featuring a different theme every night, catering our guest the best food around the world in one restaurant. All-inclusive beverage, fresh fruit and homemade ice-cream are also served here.

Restaurant Details

Chef name

Executive Chef Giacomo Gaspari


Chef description

Since 2011 Chef Giacomo is offering the guests a thrilling gourmet experience in the different restaurants. During his long experience as a true professional, Giacomo’s cooking style is a melting pot of different cultures and tastes, never loosing his Italian/German heritage. His passion of Ayurvedic principles respecting the doshas can be experienced in his cuisine. Giacomo has worked along side many world famous chefs and they visit him regurarely during the Jeunes Restaurateurs events here in the Maldives. He works with his team guidign them with passion, ambition and being humble. A true master chef!


Service hours | daily
Breakfast | 8:00 to 10:30
Lunch | 13:00 to 14:30
Dinner | 20:00 to 21:30
Seating capacity
157 seats indoor
Dining code
All-inclusive food for all Guests
All-inclusive beverage for all Guests
Premium wine with extra charge
Special features
Outdoor Maldivian night, served under the stars on the beach.
Dress code

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