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Farivalhu Maldivian Restaurant

We invite our guests to share in a starlit dining experience under the palm trees of the tropical garden.

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A private, distinctive and lively, yet comfortable Maldivian hut offering the traditional authentic Maldivian dishes under the palm tree of the tropical garden. Our Maldivian chefs are going to prepare the delicacies and present them in a graceful way.

To create a traditional ambiance, we invite our guests to wear the traditional Maldivian sarong. The restaurant is open to all of our guests through reservations.

Restaurant Details

Chef name

Mahinda Karunathilaka

Chef description

Joined Date-23.04.2008 | Nationality- Sri Lankan

Resourceful, attentive and customer oriented, Mahinda grew with the company. Since he learned under several chefs he quickly developed his knowledge base and is now in possession of various cooking skills. He can prepare not only Maldivian specialties but also international dainty from all over the world. Due to his high level of professionalism, he can adapt to any given situation and is more than happy to fulfill your special requests, for instance, individual dishes for your infants or children.


Service hours | daily
Dinner | 20:00 to 21:30
Seating capacity
Maximum 4
Special features
Independent setting.
Dining code
Not complimentary
Dress code
Casual/tradition Maldivian sarong

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