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TEST – Spherique Boutique


With over 30 years market experience, the Spherique philosophy is to guarantee our guests a unique and complete shopping experience, thanks to the range of highly exotic beach clothing, much of which are unique locally made items. The Spherique brand is distinguished by the elegance of its products which will make your shopping experience even more special.

Spherique boutique purpose is to offer a unique and stylish retail environment, a balance between traditional local craft and luxury beachwear.

Spherique sources only the finest products by travelling extensively from villages in various African country to India or Maldives, in where we purchase quality local handcraft, to more internationally recognised fashion fare where we purchase the latest fashion trend in beach wear. We guarantee that our boutique always offer an excellent selection from the latest collections.

Where possible we select items made by local association that support disadvantage people. Our product also varies from local beauty product done with essential oil and local fragrances to house hold objects inspired by the sea or with African/ Maldivian origins.

Our focus on quality begins with our boutique interiors which are made with the best natural material from the local area. Spherique boutiques are in continuously change, every week, our window and displays are proposing a different theme, a different way of telling a fashion story!


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Lenny Fine collection
Melissa Odabahs Phax swimwear
MC2 St Barth Antica Sartoria
Zyebra 120% Lino


In all our Spherique boutique we have a qualified Tailor! With a range of material from African ethnic Kitenge to Indian cotton/silk or Italian linen our guest can choose from our samples or create there own special fashion items. Is a very unique way of bringing home a present or a souvenir that you can wear from your holiday.

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MALDIVES: Athuruga, Thudufushi
ZANZIBAR: La Gemma Dell est, Mapenzi
KENYA: Tropical Village, Dream Of Africa